About Us

Based in Atlanta, and serving the nation, SHOCK & AWE productions is YOUR full service Lighting / Sound / Photography specialists, providing you with top-notch equipment, and a quality experience for events requiring production. Our lighting inventory has the latest in energy efficient lighting, along with state of the art special effects to capture your crowds attention.

With a vast experience in live concert production, and a 100% success rate, our reputation is impeccable. SHOCK & AWE started out supporting local level musicians, climbed our way up to all levels, and have set up in some of the finest venues showcasing live music. We’ve worked with 100’s of local level bands, many aspiring regionals, and national acts from all over the world.

SHOCK & AWE Productions sound is from the highest quality manufacturers, and our engineers are the best in the business. They have extensive touring experience with some of the biggest names on the circuit, and can make your band or performer sound arena quality. We do full festival setups, or one night custom shows.

Got a special red carpet event coming up? Let us provide you with stunning entryways, custom step & repeat banners, logo images, ambient up lighting, and product display lighting. We can spotlight key speakers, to focus attention on the subject at hand, or turn a simple room into a showplace palace. We design and setup other events such as weddings / receptions, award ceremonies, school alumni, private parties, birthdays, holiday events, festivals, large concerts, outdoor events, speaking engagements, conventions, church revivals, and more!

We perform permanent installations, or provide short / long term equipment leases. Our professional designers can work with you on lighting / sound design options, or consult with you on available possibilities.

If professional live performance photography is what you need, then call on us for flawless action photographs. We also take head shots, band promo shoots, guest photos, website images, and promotional pictures. All photography is performed with pro-grade equipment, and portfolios available upon request.

Visit us on the web at: www.ShockAndAwePro.com or call directly: 678-549-1591


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